ecoworks wa edible gardens

Yes you can grow your own organic food in your edible gardens!

At ecoWorks we focus on improving the soil conditions in your yard and edible gardens to create beautiful gardens that not only look great but can also be the source of a sustainable food supply. We can help you establish an organic garden that utilizes the primary renewable resource our environment provides, rain water, to grow organic fruits and vegetables.

There are many benefits to growing your own organic food in your edible gardens.


You can reduce your carbon footprint by harvesting your own fruits and vegetables rather than purchasing them from vast shipments. This will also save money, as the cost of fresh, organic produce is on the rise. Organic fruits and vegetables grown in your own edible garden guarantee that you will avoid commercially applied herbicides and pesticides. Not to mention that having a food garden is just plain fun!

ecoWorks is a nature-based, sustainable landscape design build company. We are stewards of nature and take great care in our approach to all of our projects. Through the organic method, we are able to create lush, thriving landscapes that are in harmony with nature. Function, stability and longevity are at the core of our planning and development. We pride ourselves on our outstanding craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Owner Matthew Hayes apprenticed with a company nationally recognized for its environmental work. Pioneering use of organics as well as for fine landscape design and construction. Matthew worked side by side with the owner for more than 10 years. Including major construction sites that included environmental restorations and erosion control projects. Matthew begins each new project by meeting with the client at their location and walking through the client’s objectives and desires. For each project he creates a design that highlights the location’s potential and then meets with the client to decide on an approach that will maximize their budget.